Top hospital executives were becoming increasingly more difficult to reach. McKesson’s pharmacy solutions reduced pharmacy costs by over 12% and met Accountable Care Organization (ACO) requirements of the Affordable Care Act. The opportunity was to create a new brand and go-to-market plan that communicated the benefits, savings, safely and compliance message to the C-Suite. 



We opened C-Suite doors by creating the brand Business of Pharmacy (BoP) and communicated to executives how 10% savings in the pharmacy benefited the rest of the hospital system. More funds for nurses, equipment, patient services and safety. We directed McKesson's marketers and four advertising firms to design, launch and measure the success of the BoP campaign and go-to-market plan. Seven hospital executives contacted McKesson directly leading to $700,000,000 in incremental revenue in six months. This ad will give you more insight into BoP.



BoP received the Integrated Communications Award from the Corporate Executive Board. We won based our ability to communicate audience needs, thought leadership initiatives, new customer driven content,  executive engagement tools, savings calculators, engaging case studies, enhanced user experience, simplified navigation and advanced analytics.