Julie Norris founded No Identical™ after holding senior level positions at Deloitte Consulting, Kaiser Permanete, PwC, and Siegel + Gale. She realized that to build and grow a brand, a business, or a center for innovation it takes boundless creative thinking supported by rigor and structure. Julie believes it is the duty of business leaders to pay attention to the on-going cycle of strategy, planning, execution, and outcomes to quickly make changes revealed by data and business intelligence.

No Identical™ is a team of talented consultants ranging from data scientists and management consultants to brand creatives. A cohesive group that identifies unexpected technology, business and creative intersections that drive revenue and differentiation. 

We solve brand, business development, and communication challenges for multi-national corporations from Amazon and Motorola to lean startups such as C9 Inc. and Plum Lending. Our experience spans a broad range of industries, with particular depth in consumer, financial and health technology. 

We’re proud to make it possible for an organization to have no identical. To be an original brand that delivers the products and services that customers want and need. Review a few of our projects to learn more.